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Use the links below to download my books onto your device. All books are free to download and will receive updates at a future date. Any new books will be added automatically added once ready. Contact me if you have any issues with the downloads.

Book 1:

A Beginners Guide To Order Flow Trading


Book 2:

How To Determine The Strength Of A Supply Or Demand Zone


Book 3:

Pin Bars Revealed: Learn To Trade Pin Bars The Right Way


Book 4:

5 Price Action Secrets That’ll Change Your Trading


Book 5:

5 Rules For Trading Supply And Demand Zones


Book 6:

Support And Resistance Handbook


Book 7:

Forex Game Theory

Forex Game Theory (2409 downloads)

Book 8:

Price Action 101: Why Pull-Backs & Retracements Are Essential For The Trend

Why Pull-Backs And Consolidations Are Essential For The Trend (2585 downloads)

Book 9:

How To Predict Trend Reversals Using Order Flow And Price Action

How To Determine When A Reversal Is Going To Take Place (2861 downloads)

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