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VIP Membership is a way for you to supercharge your trading and get access to exclusive content unavailable on the main site. 

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Learn how the forex market really works. These 8 books will explain everything you need to know about the banks, supply and demand, price action, order flow, plus loads more…

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Download my favourite supply and demand indicator & check my COT Graph tool – including the best ways to use it in your trading. 

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Position Size Calculator

Simple position size calculator. Instantly determine your ideal trade size according to your account balance, stop size, and maximum risk threshold.

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Forex Session Times

See what trading session is underway with the session times tool. Shows the current session as well as the time until the next session begins.

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Currency Converter

Quickly covert one currency into another using the currency converter tool. Also shows historical rates, current rates, and travellers cheat sheet.    

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Cot Graph 

Get a behind the scenes look at what the big players are up to with my Cot graph tool. Includes the top 3 ways to use the Cot graph in your trading. 

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Supply And Demand Indicator

Easily locate the best supply and demand zones with my S & D indicator. Simple to install and easy to use, become a member today to download. 

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