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7 Huge Books Reveal The Secrets Of Supply And Demand, The Banks, And Price Action

Learn the secrets to trading supply and demand, price action, and the banks with 7 huge books. These books teach you everything from how to find high probability supply and demand zones, where the best pin bars form, how the banks trade, plus much much more…

​Book 1: Drain The Banks: Learn How To Trade Forex Like A Bank Trader 

Ever wanted to know the secrets of how the banks trade forex? Well, this is the book for you.In Drain The Banks: Learn How To Trade Forex Like A Bank Trader, I explain EXACTLY how the banks trade and make decisions in forex. I’ve spent most of my trading life trying to understand how they operate, and this book is a culmination of everything I’ve learned so far. I breakdown their entire process, from how they place trades and take profits, how they decide when to buy and sell, and what they do to set up big reversals.The book is filled with detailed examples and simple explanations. Everything you could ever want to know about how the banks trade is contained within.

  1. 1​Learn How The Banks Buy And Sell:​Did you know… the banks can’t buy or sell whenever they want? And did you also know they have to split their trades up to get them placed? Understanding how the banks buy/sell is key to using them to your advantage and is something I talk a great deal about in the book. I explain why they can only buy/sell at specif points and times, how they decide to buy or sell, how to determine how much they buy and sell, plus more.
  2. 2Find Where They Place Their Trades: ​The banks don’t place their trades willy nilly. They have a specific method for placing trades and taking profits based on the orders entering the market at the time. In the book, I reveal what this method is and explain how you can reverse engineer it to find not only where the banks have placed their trades/taken profits, but also where they might do so in the future.
  3. 3​Understand How The Banks Cause Reversals: ​Most of the big reversals in forex are caused by the banks either placing trades or taking profits. These reversals look random but they form at a simple pattern. The book explains what this pattern is so you can use it to find when big reversals might be ​underway.

​Book 2: Supply And Demand: How To Find And Trade The Best Zones

Supply And Demand: How To Find And Trade The Best Zones is a book to help you get to grips with some of the finer details of S + D, the important points about the zones no-one mentions on the web.Most traders think supply and demand is just find some zones and then trade them. But there’s actually a lot of background information on the zones that can improve how you trade them. For example, two different types of zone form; profit-taking zones and trade placing zones. Each zone has it’s own quirks for how they should be traded. Knowing what these are allows you to trade them in a better way and make more money.The book is filled with small details like this. They don’t change how you trade the zones, but they just give you that extra little bit of info to improve your trading.

  1. 1​Learn How ​To Find The Best Zones:​​Supply and demand guru’s usually say the best zones have a strong move away, but this isn’t true. It’s not the move away that determines a zones strength, it’s the move preceding the zones formation. In the book, you’ll learn why this is, and how to use it to find the strongest zones.
  2. 2Find Out Why Price Returns To Zones: ​​​Price doesn’t return and reverse from supply and demand zones for no reason. It returns because the banks have trades to place or profits to take off. The book explains how this process works and how understanding it can give you an edge on which zones to trade and avoid.
  3. 3​Understand ​The Two Types Of Zone: ​​Supply and demand zones are well known for coming in two variations: rally-base-rally/drop-base-drop and rally-base-drop/drop-base-rally. But another two types of zone also exist; profit-taking zones and trade placing zones. These two zones have their own quirks for how they work. By understanding them, you’ll be able to trade the zones more effectively and make more money.

​Book ​3: Pin Bars Revealed 

Most price action traders think they’ve got pin bars figured out. Reality check: they haven’t. The information available on the web about pin bars is around 50% of what there is to know about them – and this isn’t the useful stuff either.Pin Bars Revealed is a book that details the other 50% the 50% that’s actually useful and makes a difference to you how you trade pins. The concepts I cover in this book aren’t found anywhere else on the web (aside from my site, of course). They detail such things as what causes pin bars to form, why pins don’t all form for the same reason, what the #1 reason is behind pins losing money, plus more…These concepts will teach the real way to trade pins and will drastically increase how profitable you are with them.

  1. 1​​Find Out Why So Many Pin Bars Fail: Why do so many pin bars fail? Most guru’s pass it off as just being part of the strategy, but it’s actually something else: they don’t form for the same reason. Pin bars don’t all form because people want price to reverse, they form for other reasons too. The book explains what these reasons are, and I show you how to determine why a pin has formed and whether it should be traded. ​​​
  2. 2​Learn How To Find And Trade The Best Pins: ​​People say the best pin bars are those with big wicks that form at technical levels. However, where the pin forms in relation to the trend and previous movement has an even bigger effect on whether it’ll cause a reversal or not. In the book, I explain why this is, and how to use it to find the highest probability pin bars.
  3. 3​​The 2 Biggest Mistakes Traders Make With Pins: ​​We all know the mistakes not to make trading pins, but there are a couple of other, more hidden, mistakes people make that cause them to lose money. You’ll learn what these are and how to avoid them to make trading pin bars much more profitable.

​Book ​4: How To Predict Huge Trend Reversals Using Orderflow And Price Action

What’s the best way to predict big reversals? Support and resistance levels? Supply and demand zones? Fibonacci retracements? These are the most common methods people use, but there’s something else… a pattern that often forms before huge reversals take place: the reversal structure pattern.The reversal structure pattern is my name for a pattern, or structure is a better way to describe it, that typically forms before large trend changing reversals begin. This pattern appears frequently in forex, on all time-frames and currencies. It forms because of the way the banks get their trades placed to cause a reversal – something I explain in my Drain The Banks: Learn How To Trade Forex Like Bank Trader book.In the book, I explain how this pattern forms and how you can use it to get into large market-changing reversals.

  1. 1​Learn How ​To Find The ​Pattern:​​​The reversal structure pattern isn’t like the normal chart patterns we all know about. It doesn’t form a shape or resemble a simple structure (like the head and shoulders for example). Instead, it’s a swing formation that never looks the same but always contains the same two features. In the book, I detail what these two features are and how you can use them to identify when a pattern might be forming.
  2. 2Find Out Why It Forms: The pattern forms from the way the banks get their trades placed and take their profits off. This process is something I describe in my Drain The Banks book. But here, I break down the process further, so you can see exactly how it works and why the pattern always forms according to the same two rules.
  3. 3​Understand ​​How To Trade The Pattern: ​Trading the reversal structure pattern isn’t simple, so I’ve added plenty of examples to help you understand what to do. The examples will guide you through each step of the process, from identifying if a pattern has formed, entering a trade, and where to place a stop-loss order.

Get Exclusive Lessons, Strategies, And Trading Guides

Get Exclusive Lessons, Strategies, And Guides

​A big part of being a member is the exclusive content you receive. You get access to exclusive lessons, strategies, and guides not available on the main site. These posts cover all aspects of trading; the banks, supply and demand, tips and tricks for making money, new strategies, and more…

  • ​Exclusive Trading Lessons: Want to know the #1 mistake most traders don’t know they’re making? Or why so many reversals begin near big round numbers (and how you can use them to make money?) Well, wonder no more… Because as a member, you’ll not only receive lessons that cover these topics in great detail but also many more including, How To Determine Whether A Higher High or Lower Low Signals A Reversal and, A Secret Way To Find High Probability Supply And Demand Zones.​​​​ 
  • ​Never Seen Before Strategies: ​You’ll also gain access to new trading strategies. These strategies will teach you how to make more money from your trading and help you build your account up faster. They include; How To Profitably Trade Stop Hunts Using Oanda’s Order Book, Get Into Monster Reversals With This Secret Fib Retracement and, This Type Of Engulfing Pattern Works Better Than All Others.
  • ​Detailed Guides And Techniqu​es: ​I also provide guides that detail some of the more complex aspects of trading. These guides show you how to double your profit using a different exit strategy, how to grow your account with 3 underused profit-building techniques, and a better way to trade retracements.

​Here’s A Full List Of What’s Currently Ava​il​able

  • ​​​A Secret Way To Find High Probability Supply And Demand Zones
  • ​Get Into Monster Reversals With This Secret Fib Retracement​
  • The #1 Mistake Most Traders Don’t Know they’re Making (And How To Fix It)
  • ​This Type Of Engulfing Pattern Works Better Than All Others
  • ​​How To Trade Stop Hunts Using Oanda’s Order Book
  • ​Never Miss Another Trade With Support And Resistance Zones
  • ​Easily Get Into Pull-Backs With Fibonacci Retracement Zones
  • ​Why Round Numbers Make Great Support And Resistance ​Levels
  • ​A Secret Exit Strategy That Will Double (Or Triple) Your Profit 
  • ​3 Little Known Ways To Quickly Double Your Trading Account

​​3 More Books ​Teach You The Inner Workings Of ​How The Forex Market Works

On top of the books mentioned earlier, you also receive another 3 books. These books reveal how forex works at the micro-level. They cover topics like why the trend is designed to make you lose, why price can’t continuously rise/fall without consolidations or retracements forming, the 3 phases that create each trend, plus more.

​Book ​1: ​​​​Price Action 101: Why Pull-Backs And Consolidations Are Essential For The Trend

Price Action 101: Why Pull-Backs And Consolidations Are Essential For The Trend sheds some much-needed light on the role consolidations and pull-backs play in the market.To most traders, consolidations and pull-backs/retracements are just things that happen during trends. That’s as much as they know. The truth, however, is they play an important part in how trends develop and how the banks and other big institutions get their trades placed.The book explains this and gives you some much-needed perspective on how crucial consolidations and pull-backs are to the overall market structure.

  1. 1Learn Why Consolidations And Pull-Backs Form: Consolidations and pull-backs form from the banks either placing trades or taking profits. Most of the time, it’s from taking profits, but many also form from placing trades. The book explains the process of how this happens. Understanding it will not only give you a better idea of where a consolidation/pull-back will begin and end, but also WHEN they might begin and end.
  2. 2Find Out Why They’re Essential For The Trend: Like cars, trends require fuel. Where does that fuel come from? Pull-backs and consolidations! They power trends like petrol and diesel power cars. In the book, you’ll see why this is and in the process gain a much better idea of how and why trends form the way they do.
  3. 3​​​How To Use This In Your Trading: ​​​It’s not easy to put into practice many of the concepts explained in the book, so I’ve created a section that goes over a few examples of how you can use it in your trading. The section contains 3 examples, each with multiple images and explanations of what to do.

​Book ​2: How To Predict Trend Changes With Swing Highs And Lows

Swing highs and lows are a lot like pull-backs and consolidations, in that traders never really give much thought to why they form or their role in the market – other than to determine the trend, of course. But there’s a lot to learn about swing highs and lows that can really help you in your trading.How To Predict Trend Changes With Swing Highs And Lows details what some of these things are. I explain what causes swing lows and highs to form, why some are more important than others, why so many false highs and lows (highs/lows that don’t signal a trend change) form, plus much much more…This information will give you a much better understanding of swing highs and lows and will allow you to not only get a better sense of what’s going on in the market but also when large reversals might be underway.

  1. 1​​What Causes Swing Highs And Lows To Form:​​​​​Many traders believe swing lows and highs form as a result of people buying and selling. And they do… but not from retail traders buying and selling, but the banks. All swing lows and highs form from the banks either placing trades or taking profits. The book explains why this is so important and how it can help you understand what the banks are up to.
  2. 2​Learn How To Determine The Strength Of A Low/High: ​​​​​Swing lows and highs are not created equally. Some are more important than others based on why and where they’ve formed. In the book, I show you how to gauge the importance of a high/low. This will allow you to determine which ones to keep an eye on for important changes in the market structure.
  3. 3​​How To ​Use This In Y​our Trading: ​​A large section of the book is devoted to showing you how to use these new concepts in your trading. Some of what I explain isn’t easy to understand, so this section will give you a better idea of what to do and how to use it.

​Book ​3: ​​​​​Forex Game Theory

Containing many of the most important concepts I know about forex, Forex Game Theory will answer some of the deepest questions you have about how the market works.For example, one of the biggest secrets in forex is that it’s a zero-sum game, where one person’s losses equate to another person’s gains. This fact alone has a huge impact on the market, influencing everything from how people make money to how the bank’s trade. The book is filled with facts like this. They detail things like how trends develop, how reversal and trend traders cause different movements, and the role time plays in sharping market structure.

  1. 1​​​Learn ​How Trends Really Form: ​​​Trends don’t form overnight. Rather, they’re created in 3 phases: imbalance, liquidation, and awareness. These 3 phases happen one after the other and are based on different sets of traders making decisions. Knowing what these decisions are and which phase of the trend is currently taking place gives you a much better idea of when it might begin and end.
  2. 2​​Find Out Why The​ Market Moves: ​​​​Everyone knows why the market moves; from traders buying and selling. But that’s only half the story. What really causes price to move is traders, mainly retail traders, closing losing trades. In the book, I explain why this is, and how you can use it to better understand what price is doing and what it might do in the future.
  3. 3Why The Banks Need To Make Us Lose: Forex is a zero sum game, which means the only way to make money is to take it from other people. And that goes for everyone in the market. The banks need to make us lose to make a profit. The more profit they want to make, the more of us they need to make lose. The book explains some of the main methods they use to do this, and how the concept of trend has been created specifically to make it easier for them to make money from us retail traders.

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