Supply And Demand Course Section 3:

Advanced Techniques

Welcome to section 3 of the supply and demand trading course presented by We recommend that you turn off all notifications and distractions and take notes while watching the videos below. Putting into practice what you learn here will be well worth your time and attention.

VIDEO #1. How To Find Strong Setups: 3 Factor Checklist  

In this video, I'll give you my 3 factor checklist for finding strong supply and demand trade setups.  Use this to help identify the highest probability S & D trades when trading.  

VIDEO #2. Secret Entry Pattern #1

In this video, I explain one of the secret entry patterns I use to watch for entries into supply and demand trades. This'll help you get into more trades when the typical signals - pin bars/engulfs - don't show up. 

VIDEO #3. Secret Entry Pattern #2

As with the video above, here's another secret entry pattern I often use to enter supply and demand trades when no other signals are present. 

VIDEO #4. How To Build A Supply And Demand Roadmap  

In video 4, I explain how you can build a roadmap of where price will move and reverse by locating S & D zones and  comparing their strength against each other.  

VIDEO #5. How To Combine Zones To Lower Risk 

video 5 details how you can combine nearby supply and demand zones to decrease risk. Many traders will trade zones close together indiviudally, but it's usually better to combine the zones into one larger zone and then trade that instead. 

VIDEO #6. How To Reduce Risk Using Lower Timeframes

Video 6 will explain how you can easily reduce risk on supply and demand trades by entering using lower timeframes. This'll give you a great leg up when it comes to trading the zones and help you increase overall profitability. 

VIDEO #7. Missed Your Entry? Use This To Get In Late 

And finally, video 7 will teach you how to enter missed supply and demand trades late using a little trick that often occurs once price leaves a supply or demand zone. 

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