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  • Get 9 Huge Books That Teach You How To Find The Best Supply And Demand Zones, The Right Way To Trade Pin Bars,  How To Use Order Flow Plus More…
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The real reason you’re still not profitable? It’s because you DON’T understand the market!!

If you think making money from forex is all about technical analysis and learning a few price patterns, you’re dead wrong. That’s not even half of what you really need to learn to make money. Here’s what you really need to know… 

It’s a well-known fact that over 95% of forex traders consistently lose money in the markets. I’m sure you’ve heard this before? Chances are, you’re part of that 95% – I’m not assuming, but why else would you be reading this?

You’ve been struggling to become profitable for weeks, months, or even years now with little to no success. Sure, you’ve had the odd winning spell here and there. And maybe you’re hitting breakeven, which is progress.

But joining that elusive 5% and attaining consentient profitability still evades you, and you don’t know why or what to do next. I’m here to give you that next step.

It is possible to break into the 5% and become consistently profitable. And you know what…

It’s not as difficult or as time-consuming as you think.

Let me explain…The reason you’re in the 95% is because you’re doing things wrong. It’s simple as that. And what you’re doing wrong is misunderstanding what forex trading is really all about. Forex is, at its core, a game – no different from any other. You, along with all other traders, are participants in the game.

You compete with each other to make money; that’s the aim of the game.Now, think about any game you’ve played before… could be sports, video games, board games… how do you win at any of these games? How do you win a football match; what must you and you’re team do? Think hard about this…The answer is to predict and anticipate the other players.

Ultimately, that’s what you do. You anticipate their actions to predict what they’ll do next. That way, you know when to make runs and what plays to make.Now, how many times have you done the same in forex? Have you ever even considered what other traders are up to?

Chances are, you haven’t. And there’s a good reason for that…You’ve been too caught up with technical analysis because THAT’S WHAT EVERYONE TEACHES YOU. Books, gurus, videos, courses… they’re all centered on teaching you TA concepts! What part of technical analysis teaches you to predict when and where a large group of traders will buy? Or where a bunch of stop-loss orders have built up?

None of it!! It’s all lines, zones, indicators, patterns, etc…

Nothing ever teaches you how to predict other traders, which is how you win, just like any other game. This is why you’ve been losing money. It’s not because you’re necessarily a bad trader – though that could be the case. It’s because you haven’t learned how forex really works. It’s a game, just like any other!!To win at forex, you must learn to anticipate and predict the actions of other traders. Then, and only then, will you know what moves to make and what the best plays (trades) are.That’s why my VIP membership is all about:

How to predict other traders and use them to understand the market.My resources (see below) are specifically tailored to help you learn how other traders think and make decisions. They’ll give you the insight needed to finally break into the 5% and begin making consistent money in your trading.

Advanced Trading Course: Supply And Demand – How To Find And Trade The Best Zones

Trading supply and demand zones has become hugely popular in recent years, but many traders still fail to make money with S & D and don’t know why. That’s where I come in. I’ve created a 2-hour trading course detailing my entire method for trading supply and demand. This course will detail step-by-step my exact process for trading S & D, from how to find and draw zones on the chart, the different entry setups to use, and how the theory of supply and demand applies to forex itself. Suitable for both beginners and experienced supply and demand traders, my trading course takes your understanding of S & D to the next level, finally giving you the answers to become profitable trading supply and demand.

  1. 1Learn How S & D Really Works: Uncover the secrets of how supply and demand really works in forex and why so many gurus and experts teach mistakenly traders the incorrect way of trading S & D.
  2. 2Understand The Right Way To Trade The Zones: Finally, learn the right way to find, draw, and trade S & D zones. My course breaks down the entire process step-by-step, explaining each stage with multiple examples to help you understand the correct way of trading supply and demand.
  3. 3Advanced Techniques For Your Trading: Take your S & D trading to the next level with my assortment of advanced tricks and techniques. These will give you a huge edge in the market and help improve your results dramatically. 

Course Breakdown:Overview Of The 3 Modules 

  • Module 1: Overview Of Supply And Demand – Like all trading methods, supply and demand has a basic premise behind why it works. However, most gurus and experts interpret this premise incorrectly, leading to rules and conditions that don’t make sense in the market. In this first module, I disclose how supply and demand actually works in forex, as well as break down the two zones types you must watch for.
  • Module 2: Learning The Strategy –  Supply and demand is NOT a difficult strategy to trade, regardless of what you’ve been told. That said, you must find, draw, and trade the zones in a specific way to achieve consistent profitability. That’s what section 2 is all about. I explain the correct steps to trading supply and demand, from how to find and draw the zones the right way, to the 3 stage process you must enact to spot opportunities and enter trades.
  • Module 3: Advanced Techniques – Saving the best to last, the final part of the course details all the advanced techniques and concepts I use to turn supply and demand from a good strategy into a great one. These include secret entry signal patterns, how to enter after a missed entry, how to combine zones for better trades, and how to build a supply and demand zone roadmap for price.

4 Huge Books Reveal The Secrets Of Supply And Demand, Pin Bars, And S & R

Learn the secrets to trading supply and demand, pin bars, and support and resistance with 4 huge PDF’s. These books teach you everything from how to find high probability supply and demand zones, where the best pin bars form, how to use S & R, plus much, much more…

Book 1:How To Determine The Strength Of A Supply Or Demand Zone

How To Determine The Strength Of A Supply Or Demand Zone details the method I use to find the highest probability zones in the market.

Most S & D gurus say the best zones require a strong move away – heard this before? But really, it’s the move BEFORE the zone formed that determines how powerful a zone is.

By analyzing the move before the zone formed, we can gauge how many traders were buying or selling, and thus, how much the banks bought/sold to create the zone. Then we’ll have a rough idea of how powerful the zone is compared to the others.

The book details my method for analyzing the move before as well as explains why you should avoid zones that form late into a swing/trend. I also teach you how to compare zones against one another to gauge what reaction they’ll generate when price returns.

How To Determine The Strength Of A Zone Step By Step:

My step by step guide will teach you how to easily gauge the strength of a zone. I’ll explain the two key concepts: length and time, and how to put these together to weigh up how many traders were buying or selling before the zone formed. That’ll give you a good idea of what size trades the banks placed to create the zone, and thus, how powerful it is.

Why Zones That Form Late Into Trends/Swings Are Low Probability:

Supply and demand zones form all over our charts, and where a zone forms plays a big part in whether it’ll cause a reversal. Case in point: zones that form late into a swing or trend. Many traders think these zones are powerful owing to the fact they often have a sharp move away and meet the right criteria. However, they’re usually some of the weakest, as the banks remove their trades from the zones when initiating a large retracement or consolidation. The book will explain why they do this and how to spot weak zones at the end of a swing/trend.

How To Compare Zones Against One Another:

Being able to determine the strength of a zone is step 1. Step 2 is comparing the recent zones against one another to work out their strength on a relative basis. By doing this, you can gauge/predict what kind of reaction each zone will generate once price returns, allowing you to build a quasi “roadmap” of what price will do and where to expect the biggest reversals. This will help you immensely not only in knowing which zones to trade but in understanding what the market is doing in general.

Book 2:5 Rules For Trading Supply And Demand

In 5 Rules For Trading Supply And Demand, I break down the 5 key rules you must follow to trade S & D correctly.Since S & D became popular, many rules have sprung up on how you should find and trade the zones.For example, only trading zones with a strong move away is a popular rule almost all S & D traders follow. But this rule, along with many others, are totally at odds with how the market works and how the big players (who create S & D zones) operate.The book explains why these rules really don’t make sense and detail the 5 rules you should follow to trade supply and demand correctly. These rules will help you find the strongest zones and avoid the weak zones with little chance of being successful.

Learn Why Most Supply And Demand Rules Are Wrong

It’s a fact: Most rules S & D traders follow are wrong. They’re based on myths or mistruths that sound good, but in reality, don’t make sense with how the market works. To trade supply and demand correctly, you must follow the right rules. And in the book, you’ll learn what the 5 key rules are and why the common rules don’t make sense under scrutiny. 

Why RBR/DBD Zones Rarely Cause Reversals:

Rally-base-drop/drop-base-rally zones have a good reputation in the supply and demand community. For many, they represent great low-risk high reward entries into existing trends or movements. However, after testing RBR/DBD zones for a while, I’ve found they really don’t work as well as people think. And actually, could even be the reason you’re losing money with S & D. Learn why this is and what zones you should trade instead inside the book.

Understand Why Old Zones DO NOT Cause Reversals:

Thinking old zones cause reversals is one of the biggest mistakes in S & D trading… and a really easy one to make. When you see price reverse from inside an old zone, it’s easy to think the zone caused the reversal. But really this is just an illusion… Price didn’t reverse because of the zone, it just happened to reverse from the same spot. It’s not the zone causing the reversal, it’s something else. In the book, you’ll learn why this is, and how to determine the age of a zone to know whether it’s suitable for trading.

Book 3:Pin Bars Revealed 

Think you’ve got pin bars figured out? Think again…

Pin bars are a hot topic in forex, but the information available about pins on the web is only around 50% of what there is to know about them – and not the useful stuff either. 

Pin Bars Revealed details the other 50% – the 50% that actually makes a difference to how you trade pin bars.

The concepts I cover in this book you won’t hear anywhere else, and will reveal a side to pin bars you never even knew existed.

They explain why pin bars are always created from the banks, why ‘perfect’ pin bars often fail, how to gauge whether a pin will cause a reversal, 3 key pin bar secrets you must know, plus more…

Find Out Why So Many Pin Bars Fail:

Ever wondered why so many seemingly ‘perfect’ pin bars fail? Many pass it off as part of trading “some pins fail; it happens”. But they actually fail due to something else: They don’t form for the right reason. Traders assume pin bars only form because traders want price to reverse… they don’t! They form for multiple reasons. And when a pin bar forms for the wrong reasons – like profit-taking – it has ZERO chance of causing a large reversal… big wick or not! The book explains what these reasons are – 3 in total – and I show you how to determine why a pin bar has formed and whether it should be traded. 

Learn How To Find And Trade The Best Pins:

Everyone says the best pins are those with large eye-popping wicks. I agree… to a point. While a big wick certainly increases the power of a pin, what created it and where it forms in relation to the trend has a much bigger impact on its chances of causing a reversal. In the book, I’ll explain why this is and give you some pointers on how to find the highest probability pins. 

The Biggest Secrets To Trading Pin Bars:

By now, you probably know the big mistakes to avoid trading pin bars – don’t pins against the trend, avoid pin bars with tiny wicks, etc. These are the mistakes we’ve all heard a thousand times before. The thing is, other mistakes exist… hidden mistakes that many, if not most, pin bar traders don’t know they’re making. The book details what these mistakes are and how to avoid them to increase your success rate. 

Book 4:Support And Resistance Zones: Full Guide For Beginners

How many times do you see price come within a whisker of hitting support or resistance but miss the level and fail to provide any entry?Yeh, annoying, isn’t it?For many traders, this is a constant problem trading S & D.But what if you could change the levels to increase the chance price will tap the level and provide a signal?Well, as it happens, you can… use support and resistance zones!Support and resistance zones dramatically increase the proficiency of S & R levels, turning them from inconsistent lines into high probability reversal areas. In my book, I explain how to draw and use support and resistance zones and some of the other key ways S & R can help in the markets.

Learn How To Draw And Use Support And Resistance Zones: 

Support and resistance zones can greatly improve your trading, but only if you understand #1 how to draw them correctly and #2 how to use them in the right way. For the most part, this is easy enough. However, there are a few key points to remember as well. The book will give you a full breakdown of how to find and use the zones and detail the few important points you must keep in mind when using the zones.

Why S & R Levels DO NOT Get  Stronger With More Touches:

How often do hear support and resistance levels become stronger the more times price fails to break them? This rule forms the bedrock of trading S & R, yet it’s one that not only isn’t true. It doesn’t even make sense! Support and resistance levels DO NOT become stronger with more touches, quite the opposite, in fact. In the book, you’ll learn why this is and why recent touches are a much better way to gauge a level’s strength.

Support And Resistance Secrets That’ll Improve Your Trading:

Support and resistance levels have been around for years now, but that doesn’t mean there are no secrets left to discover. There are all kinds of support and resistance secrets traders still don’t know about, and I detail my top 2 for you inside the book. These’ll help improve your trading of S & R and give you new ways to use the levels/zones in your trading. 

Pro Trading Course: Drain The Banks – How To Beat The Big Players And Enter The 1% 

Want to learn how forex really works? My trading course is for you! This course is designed to teach you #1 how the forex market works at a fundamental level and #2 how to predict and anticipate the actions of other traders, specifically the banks – because that’s how you profit in forex. Together, these are the two most important aspects to focus on, and you can’t understand one without the other.

My course will explain concepts such as forex being a zero-sum game, how and why price moves, and how traders think and make decisions. I also detail my entire trading strategy and break down the key techniques I use to profit from the market.

  1. 1Learn How Forex Really Works: Think you understand forex? Think again. The inner workings of forex are hidden to most traders, but my course will reveal all, explaining how forex is a zero sum game and the rules all traders must unknowingly follow when trading.
  2. 2Understand How The Big Players Operate: Learn how the banks and other big players operate in forex. The big players are a secretive bunch, but by understanding a few rules, it is possible to see their activity and use them to your advantage. 
  3. 3Advanced Concepts For Your Trading: My course details multiple advanced concepts you can use to get the edge in the markets. Whether you trade S & D, price action or anything else, these concepts will give you a helping hand and improve your profitability.   

Course Breakdown:Overview Of The 3 Modules 

  • Module 1: Understanding The Game – Forex is, at its core, a game. And like all games, you need to understand the rules, players, and objectives before you play. This is what Module 1 is all about. You’ll learn: why forex is zero-sum and the 3 major implications that has for trading, the 3 key rules of how forex works, how price really moves, along with much more…
  • Module 2: Getting Perspective – In Module 2, we’ll look at how to play forex. Like all games, the key to winning in forex is understanding your opponents (other traders) and predicting their actions in advance. I’ll explain how our opponents trade forex, how to predict their actions, and give you a full breakdown of my trading strategy,
  • Module 3: Advanced Concepts – The final part of the course, Module 3 details the advanced concepts that’ll take your trading to the next level. These concepts will benefit all trading strategies, no matter what you use. Here’s a quick taste of what’s included: How To Find Strong S & D Zones: My 3-Step Guide, How To Predict Reversals Using The Probability Scale, The Most Important Technical Level In Forex, plus much, much more…

5 More Books Teach The Hidden Concepts Of Price Action, Order Flow, Price Reversals, And Zero Sum Markets

Learn how markets really work 5 additonal books. These reveal how price action and order flow function at a fundamental level to drive the prices we see, why consolidations/retracements are essential for prices to move, and how zero sum markets impact traders behaviour. 

Book 5: 5 Price Action Secrets That’ll Change Your Trading

Did you know…

Most trend reversals begin at big round number prices after multiple swing lows or highs form? And, get this…You can spot what the banks are up to by watching wicks?Amazing, right!?In 5 Price Action Secrets That’ll Change Your Trading, I explain the biggest price action secrets I’ve discovered in my time trading forex.These secrets, such as those listed at the top, will completely overhaul your understanding of the market and cover all aspects of price action, from support and resistance levels, pin bars, big round numbers, and much more.

Price Action Secrets That’ll Change Your Trading: 

Price action is a deep topic, but most traders never take it far enough. For many, price action is just about watching for pins at support and resistance (or other technical points). That’s a big part of PA, yes, but the rabbit hole goes way deeper than that. Price action is as much about what you can’t see as what you can. With my secrets, you’ll learn how a change of perspective can give you extortionary insights into price action that can totally change your trading. 

How To Spot What The Banks Are Up To Using Candle Wicks:

The banks and other big players are a shifty bunch, using many covert tactics to hide their actions and cover their tracks. But price action reveals all… in places you wouldn’t think. Case in point: candlestick wicks! Though they look inconspicuous, candle wicks can actually reveal what the big players are up to. You just need to know what to look for, which is what I’ll show you inside the book.

Why Multiple Swing Highs/Lows Form At Similar Prices Before Big Reversals:

Predicting large, market-changing reversals such as those that initiate trends is seen as impossible by most traders. However, there are signals a major reversal could be building, with the clearest being: multiple swing lows/highs forming at similar prices. This usually indicates a large reversal is forming behind the scenes because it shows the banks are entering massive positions. In the book, I explain why this is, and you can use it to help predict major reversals. 

Book 6: A Beginners Guide To Order Flow Trading

Order flow is without a doubt one of the most important topics in forex, yet it’s one many traders never put much time into learning, either because they don’t know what it is or find it too confusing to understand.

In A Beginners Guide To Order Flow Trading, I aim to fix this.

I’ve created a massive guide that teaches you everything you need to know on how to get started with order flow, from what it is, how it works, and some of the key ways to use it in your trading. Order flow is a complex topic with many confusing elements. But in the book, I break everything down and make the concept easy to understand.

So, whether you’re a beginner just getting started or an experienced pro, A Beginners Guide To Order Flow Trading will teach you how to start using order flow in your trading.

How To Think In Terms Of Order Flow: 

Order Flow is all about understanding how other traders make decisions and using that info to profit. But how do you do that? How do you predict what decisions other traders will make? The answer is by understanding their actions – placing trades, closing trades, and taking profits – and the effect they have on the market.

Find Out Why The Market Moves:

Everyone knows why the market moves; from traders buying and selling. But that’s only half the story. What really causes price to move is traders, mainly retail traders, closing losing trades. In the book, I explain why forced liquidation is behind most of the movement we see and how you can use it to better understand why price moves the way it does.

3 Ways To Use Order Flow In Your Trading:

Using order flow in your trading is not easy, so I’ve made sure to detail 3 ways you can use order flow in your trading in the book. Learn how to predict stop hunts and gauge their impact. Become a master at anticipating where the banks are active in the market. And learn how to gauge the size of rises and declines by understanding how many traders are trapped in losing trades.

Book 7: Forex Game Theory 

Containing many of the most important concepts I’ve learned about forex, Forex Game Theory will answer some of the deepest questions you have on how the market works at a fundamental level. 

Case in point: Forex being a zero-sum game. 


In forex, the only way anyone can make money is if other traders LOSE. That’s because it’s a zero-sum game, where one traders losses equate to another traders gains. The fact alone has a huge impact on the market as it’s a rule all participants – the banks, retail traders, business – must abide by. The book is filled with facts like this, and how they affect the market. 

You’ll also learn why trends always form in three phases – imbalance, liquidation, awareness – due to how traders act under certain conditions. I’ll explain the impact different participants have on the market, and how they differ in their decisions making. And, at the end, I’ll teach you how to trade one of my favourite order flow setups using what you’ve learned up to that point. With Forex Game Theory, you’ll NEVER look at the market the same way again. 

Learn How Trends Really Form: 

 Trends don’t form overnight. Rather, they form in 3 phases: imbalance, liquidation, and awareness. These 3 phases occur one after the other and are caused by different groups of traders making decisions. Knowing what these decisions are and which phases of the trend is currently taking place gives you a better idea of when it might begin/end and when to expect consolidations and retracements to begin. 

Find Out Why The Market Moves:

Everyone knows why the market moves; from traders buying and selling. But that’s only half the story. What really causes price to move is traders, mainly retail traders, closing losing trades. In the book, I explain why forced liquidation is behind most of the movement we see and how you can use it to better understand why price moves the way it does. 

Why The Banks Need To Make Us Lose:

Forex is a zero-sum game, which means the only way to make money is to take it from other people. And that goes for everyone in the market – including the banks. The more profit they want to make, the more traders they must make lose. The book explains some of the main methods they use to do this and how the concept of trend has been purposely promoted to trick traders into being easy pickings for the banks. 

Book 8: How To Predict Trend Reversals Using Order Flow And Price Action  

Predicting trend reversals is hard as nails, no doubt about it. 

But, what if I told you a pattern – or structure I should say – can predict when and where a trend reversal could take place… a pattern you can use to get into major reversals? Well, guess what; there is…

Its name: the reversal structure pattern.

Created by the banks and other big players, the reversal structure pattern – or RSVP – appears frequently in forex, usually before large trend-changing reversals begin. Unlike typical patterns, the RSVP is unique in that it doesn’t form a shape – ala head and shoulders – but rather, a self similar structure: it never looks the same, but has the same features present whenever it forms – it’s a fractal pattern, as some might call it. 

The book explains what these features are and how to use the pattern to get into the biggest reversals, with multiple examples walking you through the entire process. 

Learn How To Find The Pattern:

Really, the reversal structure pattern is more of a structure than a chart pattern – hence the name. It doesn’t form a sharp or resemble a simple structure (like the head and shoulders, for example) Instead, it’s a swing formation that never looks the same but always contains the same two features created from how the banks place their trades and take profits. The book details what these two features are and how you can use them to easily identify when a pattern might be forming. 

Find Out Why It Forms:

So, how does the RVSP pattern develop from the banks? Well, the banks can never place their trades/take profits all at once in forex; they must place them in bite-sized pieces. That process is what creates the pattern, as I explain in my “Drain The Banks” book. Here, I break the process down even further, revealing why the banks must place their trades/take profits and how it causes the pattern to form. 

Understand How To Trade The Pattern: 

Trading the reversal structure pattern isn’t simple… it’ll take some learning. So, I’ve added plenty of examples to help you understand what to do. The examples will guide you through each step of the process, from identifying if a pattern has formed when to enter a trade, and of course: where to place a stop loss.

Book 9: Price Action 101: Why Pull-Backs And Consolidations Are Essential For The Trend 

Don’t get it twisted: consolidations and retracements are NOT just things that happen during trends… far from it.

IN FACT: consolidations and retracements might just be the two single most important formations in forex – and yes, that includes chart patterns. Why? 

Because without them, trends wouldn’t exist!

That’s right: Consolidations and retracements as unassuming as they look are essential for trends to continue or for price to keep moving in one direction. They are the de-facto “fuel” for trends, and without them, we wouldn’t see trends last for a long time nor any large price swings. 

In the book, you’ll learn why this is. I’ll explain what causes retracements and consolidations to form – hint: it’s the banks – and how you can use this understanding to not only gauge when and where a retracement will begin, but also how long it might last or how big it may be. 

Learn Why Consolidations And Pull-Backs Form:

 Have you ever wondered… why do consolidations and retracements form? It’s a simple question and one most traders probably never consider. The answer is from the banks, either placing trades or taking profits. Most of the time, it’s from taking profits, but many also form due to placing trades. The book explains why this is and the impact it has on the market. You don’t want to miss this, trust me. 

Find Out Why They’re Essential For The Trend: 

Like cars, trends require fuel. Where does that fuel come from? Retracements and consolidations! They power trends like petrol and diesel power cars. In the book, you’ll see why this is, and in the process, gain a much better understanding of why trends form the way they do. 

How To Use This In Your Trading: 

 I’ll be the first to admit… putting into practice what I teach is not easy. So, to help you out, I’ve dedicated a whole section of the book to showing you examples of how to use this new understanding of retracements and consolidations in your trading. These examples will show you how to gauge when a retracement or consolidation could begin, when size it may be/how long it will last, and what effect it’ll have on the trend. 

Get Exclusive Lessons, Strategies, And Trading Guides

Get Exclusive Lessons, Strategies, And Guides

A big part of being a member is the exclusive content you receive. You get access to exclusive lessons, strategies, and guides not available on the main site. These posts cover all aspects of trading; the banks, supply and demand, tips and tricks for making money, new strategies, and more…

  • Exclusive Trading Lessons: Want to know the #1 mistake most traders don’t know they’re making? Or why so many reversals begin near big round numbers (and how you can use them to make money?) Well, wonder no more… As a member, you’ll not only receive lessons that cover these topics in great detail but also many more including, How To Determine Whether A Higher High or Lower Low Signals A Reversal and, A Secret Way To Find High Probability Supply And Demand Zones. 
  • Never Seen Before Strategies: You’ll also gain access to new trading strategies. These strategies will teach you how to make more money from your trading and help you build your account up faster. They include; How To Profitably Trade Stop Hunts Using Oanda’s Order Book, Get Into Monster Reversals With This Secret Fib Retracement and, This Type Of Engulfing Pattern Works Better Than All Others.
  • Detailed Guides And Techniques: I also provide guides that detail some of the more complex aspects of trading. These guides show you how to double your profit using a different exit strategy, how to grow your account with 3 underused profit-building techniques, and a better way to trade retracements.

Here’s A Full List Of What’s Currently Available:

Here’s What’s Currently Available:

  • A Secret Way To Find High Probability Supply And Demand Zones 
  • Get Into Monster Reversals With This Secret Fib Retracement
  • The #1 Mistake Most Traders Don’t Know they’re Making (And How To Fix It)
  • This Type Of Engulfing Pattern Works Better Than All Others
  •  How To Trade Stop Hunts Using Oanda’s Order Book
  • 3 Ways To Use The Cot Report In Your Trading 
  • How To Determine Whether A Higher High/Lower Low Signals A Reversal  
  • Easily Get Into Pull-Backs With Fibonacci Retracement Zones 
  • Why Round Numbers Make Great Support And Resistance Levels 
  • A Secret Exit Strategy That Will Double (Or Triple) Your Profit 
  •  3 Little Known Ways To Quickly Double Your Trading Account 

    Exclusive Trading Tools For All Your Needs 

    Have trouble finding and drawing supply and demand zones?

    Wish you could see real data on what the banks are up to and when they’re closing and placing new trades? 

    With my VIP only trading tools, this is a reality. 

    Included with the membership, I provide two exclusive trading tools not found anywhere else. The first is a supply and demand indicator, which is the only one I’ve come across that finds the right zones and marks them correctly according to the right rules of S & D. This’ll make trading the zones significantly easier than before. 

    The second tool is the Cot graph.

    It takes the data from the Commitment Of Traders report and displays the numbers on a line graph, making it easy to see when the banks are placing new trades or closing open trades. There are multiple ways to use this in your trading, and the tool comes with a guide detailing the top 3 I’ve found over the years. 

    Check below for a full breakdown of each tool as well as its key features. 

    Tool #1: Supply And Demand Indicator

    Supply and demand indicators are all the rage these days, but only a select few actually find the right zones and mark them correctly on the chart.

    To help traders out, I’ve added my favourite S & D indicator to the membership.

    While not created by me, this indicator is the only one I’ve tested that consistently locates the right zones and marks them according to the correct rules of supply and demand. It’s simple to set up and comes packed with additional features that make trading the zones as easy as can be.

    The membership comes with a download of the indicator plus a full guide on how to get it set up correctly and the key features it provides.

    1. 1Automatically Find The Best Supply And Demand Zones:With my S & D indicator, finding the best supply and demand zones will become a breeze, even if you’re a beginner. The indicator automatically marks the top zones on the chart for you. All you need to do is to wait for price to return and enter a trade. Easy!
    2. 2Never Draw Incorrect Zones Again: If you have a hard time drawing supply and demand zones, my indicator will be a godsend. It’s one of the few S & D indicators I’ve used that actually marks zones according to the right rules of supply and demand. It’s not perfect by any means – no indicator is – but it marks the zones correctly more often than not, which will make trading them a lot easier than before.
    3. 3Stacks Of Useful Features To Make Life Easy: On top of finding the best zones and marking them correctly on the chart, my S & D indicator comes packed with useful features to make trading the zones as easy as can be. You can set zones to change colour once touched, force higher timeframe zones to appear on lower timeframes, change zone width, plus loads more I’ll let you discover yourself.

    Tool #2: Cot Report Graph

    The Commitment Of Traders Graph displays key information from the Cot Report. Anyone familiar with the Cot knows how difficult the report is to read. It contains amazing insights, but extracting useful info from the report is a pain in the ass, making it almost unusable; and rendering its insights worthless.

    With My Cot Graph Tool, however, that all changes…

    The tool takes the key data from the report and displays it via a line graph, making it exponentially easier to read.

    So, no more spending hours crawling through endless data points to determine what the report reveals. 

    Now, you can just look at the graph and quickly determine: how many new long/short traders were opened that week, whether the banks are buying/selling, if their buying and selling follows a trend, and much, much more.

    1. 1Easily Learn What The Banks Are Up To: Understanding the banks is no easy task, even for pro traders. However, the Cot tool makes it easy! The graph reveals when the banks have placed and closed their positions. So, by looking for changes, you can quickly gauge what the banks are up to and what effect their actions may have on the market.
    2. 2Quickly Find When They’ve Placed Trades: Ever wondered if the banks are placing new trades for a reversal or adding to existing positions? Well, wonder no more… The Cot graph reveals when the banks have entered new trades as well as in what size. This information provides deep insight into what’s happening behind the scenes, giving you a much better idea of what the banks.
    3. 3How To Use The Cot In Your Trading: The Cot graph isn’t the easiest to get your head around, especially when using it in your trading. So, I’ve come up with a small guide that details a few of the key ways to use the tool. You’ll learn: how to find institutional S & D zones with the Cot, how to identify the real trend, and how to spot large reversals before they begin. 

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