Forex Currency Converter

Forex Currency Converter 

Quickly convert one currency into another with the currency converter tool. This tool lets you see the current and historical exchange rate of one currency vs the other as well as information about the rate. Click the “Live rates” button at the top to see the rates of all forex pairs in real-time.


The currency converter is easy to use. Simply decide whether you want to buy or sell, choose the base currency - the currency to convert - and select which currency convert it to. Then, enter the amount and look to the left or below to see what you need to buy or sell that amount along with the rate.While the currency converter is pretty self-explanatory, it does have a couple of interesting features worth explaining.


Live Rates

The live rates tab in the top right tab shows live exchange rates of all pairs. It's not that useful for trading, but it does come in handy if you want to quickly see what the rates of different currencies are at a glance.

Historical Rates

The historical rates tab lets you see how a currencies exchange rate has changed over time. Simply choose two currencies and then enter the time period you want to see the historical rate for. A chart will show at the bottom showing the what the rate was for that period of time. 

Travellers Handbook

A neat little table that shows currency values in common amounts like 5, 10, 3. This is useful for holidays or trips where you quickly need to know what the exchange rate is in common everyday values to make purchases.