How To Trade The Railroad Tracks Pattern Strategy In Forex

The railroad tracks is probably the most powerful price action pattern you’ve never heard of. Overlooked in favour of more popular patterns by most traders, the railroad tracks is a simple reversal pattern that forms frequently in the forex market. Its appearance is a high probability signal price could be about to reverse, and you … Read more

How To Read Spinning Top Candlesticks: The Ultimate Guide

Having a detailed knowledge of candlesticks and what they signal is one of the key requirements for successful trading. Candlesticks come in all kinds of crazy shapes and formations… pin bars, engulfing candles, inside bars, to name just a few. Most traders are familiar with these patterns, but there’s another that always gets overlooked: The … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Consolidations

Today’s guide is a really important one because I’m going to teach you how to navigate and deal with the most difficult market condition in all of forex… Consolidations! Along with trends, consolidations are one of the three key market phases you need to navigate in forex… and by far the trickiest. A single consolidation … Read more

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