7 Insightful Trading Quotes All Traders Need To Read

Reading books, watching youtube videos,searching the web… These are some of the best ways to learn how to trade and invest in forex. But there’s another way not many people know about… Reading trading quotes. In this post, I’m going to share with you my 7 favorite trading quotes and detail what they mean. These … Read more

How To Trade The Gartley Pattern: Ultimate Guide

Harmonic patterns are all the rage these days, offering traders low risk entries into high probability reversal trades. The patterns come in many types, usually resembling a simple shape or structure. Today, we’re going to look one of the most popular… The Gartley pattern. The Gartley is perhaps the most well-known harmonic pattern, but with … Read more

Support And Resistance Indicators: My Top 3 Picks

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Cypher Pattern: Ultimate Guide For Beginners

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Wyckoff Method: The Ultimate Guide For Forex Traders

Over the last 200 years, trading and investing in financial markets has become commonplace. During that time, many strategies and trading methods have cropped up, all with the intention of giving traders the edge in making money from the markets. Many of these have become outdated with time, but some still provide an edge. Case … Read more