The Total Beginners Guide To Trading Support And Resistance 

If you’ve spent any length of time studying price action, you’ll have come across the concept of support and resistance. One of the most important trading concepts, support and resistance levels are lines that identify points where the price of a currency has a high probability of reversing. They form on all currencies and time-frames, … Read more

Why You Should Avoid Rally-Base-Rally/Drop-Base-Drop Zones

Today I want to explain why you should avoid trading rally-base rally/drop-base-drop supply and demand zones. I know, I know… rally-base-rally/drop-base-drop zones work well, you say. Well, that’s not quite true. They do work sometimes, and you can have odd successful trade here and there, but they don’t work anywhere near as often as people … Read more

Supply And Demand Trading: Profit Taking Zones Vs Trade Placing Zones

Did you know… Different types of supply and demand zones form in forex? I’m not talking about the rally-base-drop, rally-base-rally, etc zones that Sam Seiden teaches. I’m talking about other zones, zones that form for competently different reasons as a result of the banks buying and selling. There are actually two types of supply and … Read more