5 Tradingview Secrets That’ll Make You A Better Trader

If it wasn’t already obvious, I’m a BIG fan of Tradingview – it kicks ass. It takes the best features of other charting sites and programs and mashes them together into one single site. The result is the most cohesive and feature-packed charting platform around that puts even the likes of MT4 and Ninjatrader to … Read more

How To Get Started With Forex CFD Trading

As the popularity of forex soars, so too do the number of different ways you can trade or invest it. By now, you’ve probably heard most of those ways. But over the last couple of years, a new one has come up that removes many of the trading ‘annoyances’ and brings some major benefits… CFD … Read more

Why You Need To Keep A Forex Trading Journal

Trading is like any other skill and as such, needs to be improved over time. But how do you actually improve your trading? The easiest way… By keeping a trading journal. Today I’m going to explain what a trading journal is and show you how keeping one can drastically improve your trading. What Is A … Read more

Why You Always Need To Use A Stop Loss

The most common phrase you will see when learning how to trade forex is: “All trading involves risk of loss.” What this phrase means, is whenever you place a trade, regardless of whether it’s a buy trade or sell trade, there’s a chance you will lose money. Because it’s possible to lose money trading, it’s … Read more