How To Trade The Gartley Pattern: Ultimate Guide

Harmonic patterns are all the rage these days, offering traders low risk entries into high probability reversal trades. The patterns come in many types, usually resembling a simple shape or structure. Today, we’re going to look one of the most popular… The Gartley pattern. The Gartley is perhaps the most well-known harmonic pattern, but with … Read more

Support And Resistance Indicators For MT4: My Top 3 Picks

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Cypher Pattern: Ultimate Guide For Beginners

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Wyckoff Method: The Ultimate Guide For Forex Traders

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Top 5 Forex Reversal Patterns To Enter Huge Trades 

One of the toughest tasks we face as traders is timing when and where large reversals will begin. We all want to get into those massive trends that last for weeks and weeks, of course we do we. But accomplishing that is easier said than done, especially for new traders who lack experience in the … Read more

How To Trade Like James16: Full Guide & Strategies w/ PDF

James16 is probably the most famous forex trader you’ve never heard of. A mysterious figure whose real identity remains unknown to this day, James16 is a crucial influence in the retail Forex industry, being one of the first traders to really advocate price action trading, that is: Trading from a blank chart and analysing the … Read more

How To Trade The Railroad Tracks Pattern Strategy In Forex

The railroad tracks is probably the most powerful price action pattern you’ve never heard of. Overlooked in favour of more popular patterns by most traders, the railroad tracks is a simple reversal pattern that forms frequently in the forex market. Its appearance is a high probability signal price could be about to reverse, and you … Read more

5 Top Forex Trading Systems You Need To Start Using

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