Supply And Demand Trading: The Definitive Guide (PDF)

“Pin-point EXACTLY where the banks are buying and selling.”“Get into the biggest reversals before they begin.” Have you ever heard these statements before?This is where you start… I’ve got you covered… Over the last few years, “Supply and Demand trading” has become one of the most popular Forex trading strategies, taking the best of support … Read more

How To Get Started With Forex CFD Trading

As the popularity of forex soars, so too do the number of different ways you can trade or invest it. By now, you’ve probably heard most of those ways. But over the last couple of years, a new one has come up that removes many of the trading ‘annoyances’ and brings some major benefits… CFD … Read more

Why You Need To Keep A Forex Trading Journal

Trading is like any other skill and as such, needs to be improved over time. But how do you actually improve your trading? The easiest way… By keeping a trading journal. Today I’m going to explain what a trading journal is and show you how keeping one can drastically improve your trading. What Is A … Read more