Why You Need To Keep A Forex Trading Journal

Trading is like any other skill and as such, needs to be improved over time. But how do you actually improve your trading? The easiest way… By keeping a trading journal. Today I’m going to explain what a trading journal is and show you how keeping one can drastically improve your trading. What Is A … Read more

Why You Always Need To Use A Stop Loss

The most common phrase you will see when learning how to trade forex is: “All trading involves risk of loss.” What this phrase means, is whenever you place a trade, regardless of whether it’s a buy trade or sell trade, there’s a chance you will lose money. Because it’s possible to lose money trading, it’s … Read more

3 Insights Oanda’s Order Book Gives Us About How Traders Trade

There are lots of tools available to us traders; some good, some bad, some you need to stay well away from (like indicators). But there’s one tool not many people know about that provides some amazing insights: Oanda’s Order book. Tucked away in the far reaches of Oanda’s website, the order book is a tool … Read more

Still Not Making Money? Change Your Trading Habits

As a forex trader, adopting good habits is a vitally important aspect of getting on your trading feet. With the hustle and bustle of international trades and activity all around you, getting lost and falling off course can happen frequently if you lack the dedication, skill, and determination to maintain a consistent daily and weekly … Read more