The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Consolidations

Today’s guide is a really important one because I’m going to teach you how to navigate and deal with the most difficult market condition in all of forex… Consolidations! Along with trends, consolidations are one of the three key market phases you need to navigate in forex… and by far the trickiest. A single consolidation … Read more

The Total Beginners Guide To Trading Support And Resistance 

If you’ve spent any length of time studying price action, you’ll have come across the concept of support and resistance. One of the most important trading concepts, support and resistance levels are lines that identify points where the price of a currency has a high probability of reversing. They form on all currencies and time-frames, … Read more

The Essential Guide To Trading The Pin Bar Reversal

You can’t trade price action without understanding the pin bar reversal. Popular with both forex and stock traders, the pin bar reversal has cemented itself as one of the best price action strategies, and for good reason… With its long, easy-to-spot wick and tendency to predict reversals, the pin bar is not only beginner friendly … Read more

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